Who are we ?

The company Alex enduro parts, registered with the RCS on 01/01/2017, is in fact the result of more distant experience.

After having attacked the bike very young, at 4 years old, like many. I practiced sport as a hobby hiking for years with my father during the weekends.

This passion although very important for me was put aside a few years during which I tasted competition on the track, in karting.

In 2015, after putting on my crampons again, I noticed a big problem concerning the 2 times, the pot! It was from there that the pot clinic was born at the end of 2015.

First of all a micro enterprise, the pot clinic was an extraordinary experience that allowed me to deeply embed myself in this sport that I love more and more every day.

With passion helping, I had the opportunity in 2016 to become the French importer of the X-Grip brand, with the mission of developing and promoting the products in the region.

The quality of these and their very competitive price quickly gained the brand and naturally imposed it on the French enduristic landscape.

From then on the auto-company was no longer appropriate at all, which led to its closure in order to set up a EURL, much more apropos.

From then on the EURL took over in the operation of the pot clinic and the closing of the eponymous auto company explains the articles that you can find explaining that it is closed while we have never stopped to welcome patients!

The development of the commercial branch of the company through X-Grip fascinated me and gave me the desire to extend my skill threshold. This is where the idea for the website first appeared.

Supposed to see the days quickly, it finally took me 1 year of work to be able to arrive at a workable version that you are discovering today.

Very active on the networks, thanks to which I am here today, I invite you to follow me on the different pages of the pot clinic, X-Grip France or alex enduro parts, in order to ask me your questions, ask me to add missing products and discuss your needs!

We look forward to discussing a race or hike with you very soon!