AXP Xtrem shoe
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AXP Xtrem 8mm shoe

Full protection for your engine.

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The AXP Xtrem shoe 8mm Phd (high density polyethylene) is what the brand can offer more upscale in terms of shoe. And for good reason this hoof is a real almost indestructible shell!

Long developed in collaboration with the best extreme enduro riders in the world, the result is stunning. The AXP Xtrem shoe is notably used by Wade Young, Mario Roman, Pierre Pallut and Pol Tares.

If you are used to putting your motorcycle to the test, this protection is for you.

The construction in high density polyethylene (Phd) gives it an extraordinary lightness. It is 30 lighter% than an aluminum equivalent. In addition, no vibration is generated against the frame and the AXP Xtrem shoe does not deform after impact!

The AXP Xtrem shoe brings, in addition to an increased thickness of 2mm compared to its little brother, a lot of protections as innovative as very well thought out.

First of all, a ledge has been created to go up on the side of your frame as well as under your footrest supports, an area usually very exposed when crossing. No more fear now.

The AXP Xtrem shoe incorporates an extension that runs under all of the rods if there are any, not only to slide over obstacles but also to protect this suspension element, particularly mistreated in extreme enduro.

Finally, on the AXP Xtrem shoe lgills are now an integral part of the hoof. Hot folded, they are reinforced on the motor side by a weld. No risk of breakage, even in the most difficult conditions.

Just like on its little brother the AXP 6mm Phd shoe, the fixing screws of the rear of the shoe are perfectly integrated to create no roughness and the front (on ktm and hva) is fixed on the fixings provided for this effect in the frame.

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