Foam gel 500ML
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Foam gel 500ML

The pot to take everywhere

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Foam gel 500ML

Remember to lubricate!

Invest in a pot of gel mousse is an investment that can be extremely profitable! Riding with foams is undeniable comfort in terms of safety and performance, but it requires a little maintenance.

During the first installation, it is essential to lubricate your foam and your tire with gel mousse. This gel will prevent the foam from heating up while you are riding. It is this heating that can degrade your foam prematurely.

It is very important to use the correct gel mousse. If you use too little gel to lubricate your foams or a poor quality gel, you will increase the friction between the tire and the foam, and therefore the heat, thus greatly reducing the life of your foams.

As with its foams, X-Grip has developed a high quality gel, with high lubricating power and excellent longevity, in order to limit friction and therefore heat between the tire and the foam as much as possible. Thus, properly lubricating your X-Grip foam with the gel at each tire change will allow you to make it last over time.

The 500ML jar in the perfect size to allow you to perfectly lubricate your foams and accompany you on all your outings. A must have!

Tip: When fitting, lubricate the bottom of the tire tread with a brush and X-Grip foam gel. But remember to use the gloves provided with your assembly kit, to take the gel by hand and spread it over the entire surface of the foam. So your wheel will be perfectly lubricated.

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Foam gel
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