Vulcanet 80 lingettes
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Vulcanet 80 lingettes

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Vulcanet 80 wipes with a reputation that crosses borders and disciplines. Acclaimed by all professionals, it has established itself as the essential multi-surface maintenance product for our enduro motorcycles as well as our equipment.

Vulcanet is a wipe soaked with a multi-surface cleaning product, allowing to clean as well Bodywork, Rim, Chain, Bubble, Windshield, Tire, Carpet, Dashboard, Chrome, Seat, Insect, Tree resins, Tar, Camber, Various traces, Pollution, Salt, Dust, Dirt ...

Extremely easy to use, simply pass the vulcanet microfiber after cleaning with the wipe. To obtain an optimal result without water.

Vulcanet 80 wipes is Perfect for mobile use or in your workshop.

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