EH-2 foam (140 / 80-18)
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Enduro X-Grip Eh-2 foam (140 / 80-18)

Versatile and enduring

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X-Grip Eh-2 foam (140 / 80-18)

Size: 140 / 80-18

The X-Grip foams have acquired their notoriety thanks to the grip they provide, especially in extreme enduro. But X-Grip also offers a complete, versatile range intended forclassic enduro.

The X-Grip EH-2 foam is a foam in 140 / 80-18 at a standard hardness. Commonly called bib mousse, it replaces the inner tube in your tires and thus avoids any risk of punctures. The pressure equivalent in the tire is approximately 700G. This pressure equivalent allows him to excel on all terrains, whether in endurance, in special, in liaison or even in technical parts.

The progressive structure of the X-Grip Eh-2 foam gives it an unrivaled advantage over the competition. It combines excellent grip thanks to its flexible attack which allows the tire to work ideally, while offering protection to the rim. Indeed, the more the foam crashes, the harder it becomes, which allows the most seasoned pilots to attack safely even on the most damaged terrain. All in complete safety and with exceptional grip.

The X-Grip Eh-2 foam comes with an assembly kit which includes a jar of foam gel, a pair of gloves and a brush. As a bonus, X-Grip stickers are also included.

For maximum versatility and longevity, we recommend that you mount the X-Grip Eh-2 foam with the X-Grip medium tire 140 / 80-18.

Pressure equivalent: 700g

The best European enduro riders ride with the X-Grip foams

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Data sheet
Progressive structure foam
Versatile enduro
Pressure equivalent: 700g