TwinAir Pre-Oiled Air Filter
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TwinAir Pre-Oiled Air Filter

The reference, ready to use!

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The pre-oiled TwinAir air filter is the benchmark in the field. In particular used by all the pilots of the different KTM Redbull teams.

A patented design, a careful choice of materials and an extreme build quality guarantee pre-oiled TwinAir air filters performance and a level of protection unmatched until today. Enough to make it the preferred choice of most high-level pilots in national and international championships.

A first layer of aerated foam traps dust, sand and impurities. More dense, the second layer of foam pre-oiled TwinAir air filter stops the finest particles while promoting the passage of the air flow.

Specially developed for pre-oiled TwinAir air filters, the glue which ensures the cohesion of the pieces of foam is resistant to various solvents and gasoline.

The pre-oiled TwinAir air filters are significantly smaller than the original components in order to increase the volume available in the air box and thus promote air circulation. The unique "breathable seal" design guarantees maximum contact area with the filter housing body. Gluing the two foam envelopes together eliminates the risk of dust and dirt getting lodged between the two layers.

The pre-oiled TwinAir air filters are ready to use, no need to grease it the first time.

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