Raptor Titanium Enduro Footrest
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Raptor Titanium Enduro Footrest

Extreme quality!

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Raptor Titanium enduro footrest

Resistance in its purest form !!

The Raptor Titanium enduro footrest are ultra resistant. They are handcrafted with the best techniques, from aerospace grade titanium. This unique know-how makes it possible to make very strong welds and to eliminate any stress or corrosion during manufacture.

Ultra light, the Raptor Titanium enduro footrest weigh 410 grams per pair.

They offer maximum grip thanks to their 24 teeth on an increased surface area of 57mm, and a larger contact surface with the boot.

Exclusive "anti-fouling" design to prevent them from becoming loaded with mud in the worst conditions and thus offer always optimal grip.

The Raptor Titanium enduro footrest are handcrafted in the UK.

All Raptor Titanium Footrest are supplied with compatible springs. Additional springs can be purchased separately.

An "extreme" option is available, which lowers and retracts the footrests by 5mm. It takes 20 euros for this option.

Raptor footrests are handcrafted and made to order. Once your order has been validated, it takes about 1 month to receive them.

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