Endurohog phd crankcase protection set
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Endurohog phd crankcase protection set

The ideal combination of price, weight and protection

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The endurohog crankcase protection sets are made from a hot molding of high density polyethylene, the same material as Axp clogs, which is a very impact resistant and high quality plastic.

The endurohog crankcase protection sets are supplied with screws which allow their assembly, the extra thickness requires the use of longer screws. The assembly is easily done over the cards and does not require emptying the box!

Do not take the risk of abandoning a race or a hike for a breakage as crippling as a pierced housing.

No modification of the motorcycle is required on the motorcycle for mounting the endurohog crankcase protection set and the protection on the clutch side absolutely does not interfere with the steering and the feeling with the brake pedal.

In 3mm high density polyethylene (in the middle of the protection) and particularly well thought out, the endurohog crankcase protection sets provides maximum protection thanks to the thickness of the materials and because it covers 100% of the housing and lightness. It is the essential accessory that every enduro rider should fit on his motorcycle from the first turns of the wheel.

The endurohog crankcase protection sets includes clutch and ignition housing protection.

Note that for the 250/300 exc from 2012 to 2016 and the 250 excf from 2012 and 2013, only the clutch side is available.

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