WP Trax shock absorber
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WP Trax shock absorber

Maximum traction!

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WP Trax shock absorber

The BAVP4816, better known as Trax is thedamper the most upscale in the WP catalog.

The trax system Significantly improves the grip of the rear wheel and is used successfully by many teams and factory riders for its exceptional performance!

The trax system, present in theWP Trax shock absorber is relatively straightforward on paper. during acceleration, the shock absorber detects when the rear wheel is no longer in contact with the ground, due to too slow a rebound. This trigger is therefore released by the system so that the rear wheel is permanently in contact with the ground and thus offer exceptional grip and control.

Shock absorber WP Trax shock absorber is available for motorcycles with PDS or tie rods.

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