V-Force 4 valve box
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V-Force 4 valve box

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V-Force 4 valve box

The all new V-Force 4 valve box is built on the foundation that has made the V-Force 3 a success for the past 10 years! Although the V-Froce 3 gearbox has been continuously improved and redesigned in recent years, the V-Force 4 valve box is the result of a complete overhaul of the design.

"We are happy to say, laughing, that the only thing we haven't changed is the thumbprint of the screws." However it is true, all the components have been significantly improved.

The unique design of the V-Force 4 valve box double the valve surface compared to an original valve box. Which provides 2 major benefits:
- The valve travels half the distance in its movements to let the same volume of air pass
- The small distance to be covered by the valve means that it is more often opened or closed completely

However, a valve is never perfectly "closed", it is always in motion. Considering that an 8000 rpm motor moves a valve 133 times per second, the benefit of halving the distance traveled by them is all the greater! Their lifespan is generally much better than the valves of a conventional valve box.

The V-Force 4 valve box provides engine power at low revs while increasing power at mid and high revs.

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