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The carburetion of your enduro bike is crucial! This can totally transform the behavior of the engine of your enduro bike, going from a smooth engine with a lot of torque for a rich carburetion to a violent and hollow motorcycle for a carburetion too poor. The elements involved in your carburetion are diverse. You can play on the air and idle screw, sprinklers but also reed valve. We offer a selection of elements that will allow you to have the perfect carburation whatever the conditions on your enduro bike.

Coober Factory Ecu

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The Coober Factory Ecu it is quite simply the box that use Jonny walker, Manuel Lettenbichler etc ... on their factory motorcycle!Having required more than 400h of development, jointly with the pilots. The Coober Factory Ecu will transform your ktm, husqvarna tpi/teiMissing the smooth and strong torque of your carburetor? wait until you find out what your tpi / tei can offer with the Ecu Coober factory box!Better lubrication, increased torque at low and mid rpm, better throttle response, gas preheating to avoid detonations during deceleration ... so many advantages offered by the Ecu Coober factory caseThe tests showed that the result of Ecu Coober factory case is even better when used with the GPRP modified valve set screwWarning, during assembly make sure to check that the circuit is asleep before disconnecting / connecting the ECU.